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The Thames and Henley


Hey sweet family and friends :) hope everyone is having a wonderful time with work, summer, and vacationing !

I've added a few more photos of the going-ons of that past few days; hope you guys enjoy them.

Yesterday, me Lawrence Lou Eric Sally Rachel her husband and Sarah all went out on Eric and Sally's boat to boat up the Thames : our ride started at 330 ish and ended around 9 so it was long and beautiful ride- with some chilly winds but the sun was out to offset it. We went past a couple of locks- these are where the boats line up inside, only so many can fit, and then both sides to this lock are closed and the water inside either rises or sinks- i don't think I understood quite right, but I think it's bc we rise or sink to the level of whatever side of the river we are headed to- but it was pretty neat - I got to see rowing teams and individuals rowers and pass by some of the most elite rowing communities the UK has to offer- it was awesome, and I envy them, bc it looks like such a fun sport. Not many soccer players around here though, I keep asking :/ lol anyways we stopped in Pangbourne I believe, where Lazzy went to school, and both Lou and Sara still go- they have both been revising (what we would call studying) sooo my lately bc they have exams next week- US kids would maybe be most thankful they don't have to go through this next tidbit about to describe, but it also may be a negative for us- Lazzys old high school, and Lou's and Sara's present high school , are tough- they go to school 6 to 7 days out of the week- mon- Friday 8-6, sat 8-2 and sun 8 - noon- with a parade after - where they are dressed in their school gear- now mind that this is also a military private school- but good lord- that's a lot of school. And they have to get ready for 8-10 midterms. That's a ton of classes- I know my friends will balk at that. Ssoo once we got to Pangbourne we stopped, the kids hopped off the boat and went into town to grab some pizza for a picnic twilight boat trip back down the Thames and then on home- Sara n her parents were so sweet and it was so nice to meet them :)

I didn't do all that much today - woke up to some builders doing their work in the house and kinda hung out all day in bed, dozing on and off- it was cold rainy and windy so it was a prefect day to do so. Lazzy had to work so me and Lou did go shopping in Henley later in the day and that was nice. Laz is super handy and is currently working in garage- so on cars n such. He got off around 545 ish and then came on home. For dinner their aunt Kathy and two daughters met up with Sally me Lou and laz at a local pub in Henly - I had fish and chips and again it was very good- me Lou n laz came home afterwards but sal and the girls went off to watch the Great Gatsby.. We were all kinda tired and had things todo here so we didn't go- but maybe another time ! Well that's about it for the excitement of the past couple days- I'm off to sleep - I'm taking a day trip to Oxford tomorrow while my family go to a funeral of an old high school teacher- or I think the proper term would be Head Mistress- may she Rest in Peace- from what I understand she was very popular with everyone- and a really cool tid bit is that she was a very colorful dressing woman so to honor her, everyone is wearing pretty colorful stuff- I thought it was very sweet and perfectly appropriate :)

So goodnight and hope all is well for everyone !

P.s just a shout out to all my family and friends who've been keeping in contact to make sure I'm okay and who've been enjoying the photos ! It is very appreciated and warms my heart to know I'm being thought of :) love you guys !!

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I love hearing from you and love the pics n YOU

by Josie2

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