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Switzerland !


So this is my second attempt at writing about Switzerland- been upset over my last copy getting deleted. -__-

I think I've got it figured out now though.

Anyways - I absolutely loved this place. I think it as the gorgeous mountains and all the outdoor sports and awesome chocolate&cheese that sold me. It was funny that I stumbled upon this place because it was just recommended by a guy I met in Amsterdam, and low and behold its actually a pretty big tourist attraction. Which, why wouldn't it be? I am set on coming back for a winter season, because I talked to a few locals and they said it's just unreal awesome. So it's a done deal. I think that's their main season anyways because it was really quiet in e town that I was in, Grindelwald. Which I had originally planned to stay in Interlaken, but there was this huge rock/heavy metal festival going on, so everything was booked. But it was weird because I think I caught the town right before its busy season for summer, because I was literally the only person in my like 34 bed hostel room. Haha. I loved it though because I got some quiet time, privacy, and really great customer service ;).

Now lets talk about what I actually did. It took me literally all day to get there from Germany. And I did accidentally get off at the wrong train station, but luckily there was another train coming a short while after. (Wheww, because it was getting later in the day, and trains stop running after certain times.) as soon I got to the Interlaken area, I was awed by its beauty. Interlaken is a town in between 2 massive lakes, and they are surrounded by the Swiss mountains. The water was this gorgeous blue that I couldn't help but stare. And when I did my final train change, it was slower paced and I could stick my head out of the windows and take pictures. It was really cool, because I could see all these waterfalls just poring down the mountain sides, and at the base of the mountains, were the cutest houses with gardens and cows. It was super cute because the milk cows actually had these huge bells hanging around their necks. It was very picture-perfect. Once I arrived in town, I didn't have any idea of where to go. So Luckily this town was really small, so it was easy to navigate and everyone knew where everything was, so I found my hostel pretty quickly. It was a 10 minute steep decline walk. And I kept thinking, how am I going to get back up this hill with a 50lb backpack. But I found my hostel, Glacier Mountain I think was the name, and then got checked in. I arrived around dinner time, so I sat outside on my hostels patio and got to see the sun going down and the fog rolling down the mountain sides. I don't really know what I had for dinner, but it was delicious. And I took a pic so you guys will eventually see those. I called it a night after because it had been a long day.
The next morning I got up, had my free breakfast, and it was delicious. Fully of meats and cheeses and breads and yogurt and cereal. And I certainly can't forget the coffee. But I desperately needed to do laundry so I got directions from the lady at the hostel, and grabbed my two bags and hiked up the hill to find the self service laundry. I found it fairly quickly and ran around town shopping, and scheduled my canyon jump while my laundry was going. I didn't really do much this day besides did a little exploring, I wish I would have done a hike, but next time I will. This place is really big on hiking so the trails are really great. I had dinner in town, and headed back to the hostel to catch up on some Internet stuff and plan my next step...always always planning the next thing. But I also dappled in trying to find work here... I loved it that much. The next day I had my canyon jump so I just fiddled around until it was time to do that. My guide picked me up and then took me to the meeting place where the rest of the group was meeting us. I was the only one from Grindelwald and the rest were coming from Interlaken. It was good because I finally had some people interaction. Haha. But my guide was really cool, and kinda showed me around until the group got there. So finally they did and we drove up the mountain to the jumping platforms. It was cool because our group was both canyon jumpers and bungee jumping. We went first, and got suited up. The best part was that thus guy was strait up bare naked in the jumping straps. He was the groom on a bachelor party weekend trip, and his groomsmen made him do this naked. He did have a men's thong on, but you didn't need much imagination. Lol. I think he kinda liked the attention haha, and I took a picture but I promised to not put it on Facebook. His broken English was, "I promise I'm a normal person, please no Facebook." Haha . But the jump itself was really cool. I was really nervous when I finally got up there. And the helper guy doesn't really give you much time, he kinda pushes you in the back to go. There was a camera lady though, and so I was like I've got to have a really cool picture. I wanted to do guns up, but once I jumped, I kinda got the guns up, but then I was free falling, and I was terrified so I closed my eyes, screamed bloody murder, and prayed the swing part would catch me soon, if at all. But it did :) and it was awesome bc I swung over the rapids and it was definitely an adrenaline rush. And we got to watch the bungee jumpers after, which we all thought ours was more worth it because they didn't really fall very far. And while waiting for everyone, we all just talked and did the usual back packers lingo. Where are you from? How long have you been traveling? How long is your trip? We're have you been? We're are you going? Where's been your favorite place? Blah blah blah. Haha. There's not much of a nightlife here so I called it an early night because I needed to get up early to make my train to Venice. Oh and I had fondue for dinner, which was really good, but way too much cheese for one person. Lol and an old couple made fun of me eating it. Go figure. But I absolutely loved this place, and I will be back. Whether its with friends, family, work, or whatever, ill be back :)

Venice blog TBA.... Lol it's hard keeping up with this stuff! I gave up on pictures because it would only allow me to upload one at a time, and that's just nonsense. So when I get back to a regular computer, ill be able to upload in bulk.

Love you guys!

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