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The Thames and Henley


Hey sweet family and friends :) hope everyone is having a wonderful time with work, summer, and vacationing !

I've added a few more photos of the going-ons of that past few days; hope you guys enjoy them.

Yesterday, me Lawrence Lou Eric Sally Rachel her husband and Sarah all went out on Eric and Sally's boat to boat up the Thames : our ride started at 330 ish and ended around 9 so it was long and beautiful ride- with some chilly winds but the sun was out to offset it. We went past a couple of locks- these are where the boats line up inside, only so many can fit, and then both sides to this lock are closed and the water inside either rises or sinks- i don't think I understood quite right, but I think it's bc we rise or sink to the level of whatever side of the river we are headed to- but it was pretty neat - I got to see rowing teams and individuals rowers and pass by some of the most elite rowing communities the UK has to offer- it was awesome, and I envy them, bc it looks like such a fun sport. Not many soccer players around here though, I keep asking :/ lol anyways we stopped in Pangbourne I believe, where Lazzy went to school, and both Lou and Sara still go- they have both been revising (what we would call studying) sooo my lately bc they have exams next week- US kids would maybe be most thankful they don't have to go through this next tidbit about to describe, but it also may be a negative for us- Lazzys old high school, and Lou's and Sara's present high school , are tough- they go to school 6 to 7 days out of the week- mon- Friday 8-6, sat 8-2 and sun 8 - noon- with a parade after - where they are dressed in their school gear- now mind that this is also a military private school- but good lord- that's a lot of school. And they have to get ready for 8-10 midterms. That's a ton of classes- I know my friends will balk at that. Ssoo once we got to Pangbourne we stopped, the kids hopped off the boat and went into town to grab some pizza for a picnic twilight boat trip back down the Thames and then on home- Sara n her parents were so sweet and it was so nice to meet them :)

I didn't do all that much today - woke up to some builders doing their work in the house and kinda hung out all day in bed, dozing on and off- it was cold rainy and windy so it was a prefect day to do so. Lazzy had to work so me and Lou did go shopping in Henley later in the day and that was nice. Laz is super handy and is currently working in garage- so on cars n such. He got off around 545 ish and then came on home. For dinner their aunt Kathy and two daughters met up with Sally me Lou and laz at a local pub in Henly - I had fish and chips and again it was very good- me Lou n laz came home afterwards but sal and the girls went off to watch the Great Gatsby.. We were all kinda tired and had things todo here so we didn't go- but maybe another time ! Well that's about it for the excitement of the past couple days- I'm off to sleep - I'm taking a day trip to Oxford tomorrow while my family go to a funeral of an old high school teacher- or I think the proper term would be Head Mistress- may she Rest in Peace- from what I understand she was very popular with everyone- and a really cool tid bit is that she was a very colorful dressing woman so to honor her, everyone is wearing pretty colorful stuff- I thought it was very sweet and perfectly appropriate :)

So goodnight and hope all is well for everyone !

P.s just a shout out to all my family and friends who've been keeping in contact to make sure I'm okay and who've been enjoying the photos ! It is very appreciated and warms my heart to know I'm being thought of :) love you guys !!

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2nd Entry

sunny 17 °C

First thought - good lord it took forever to down load all those pictures :/ hour and a half - it only let me download one at a time - whew it's done though!

Second thought- my grammar is horrible in writing these blogs, and my punctuation is wrong as well- oh well lol

Okay so from where I left off a few days ago- ill try not to be as long winded as last time, and I'll try to space things out better so you guys don't go cross eyed - like I did when I saw it after posting :)

After tagging up with my two American friends, Alexis and Micaela, we decided to all go to the Harry Potter exhibit. It was awesome! And the butter beer was totally worth sitting in a long line outside in the freezing rain. The sets and designs and explanations of the 10 year long Harry Potter movie life was amazing to see. Lynn - I think your favorite part would have been the area where they talked about the training of all of the real life animals in the movie - it was real interesting - Hagrid's dog - the huge slobbery thing- there was actually 5-6 of them throughout the movies and they were mostly rescues :) the cats and dogs were all easily trainable but the owls took the longest ton finally get right--- the entire exhibit took about 4 hours long. I got a coffee cup souvenir - the store at the end was all pretty kiddish, so I didn't get much. Its funny bc Lawrence's age group here in England don't really pay much attention to HP, so I felt like a big old American nerd. Lol after the exhibit we found a fish and chips diner and it hit the spot !! The next day I was to meet up with Lawrence so that night I packed n got ready.

Slight re track to the night before, me and my two friends finally met and chatted with the rest of our roomies. The elderly English woman was already gone but when I walked into my room, after getting off of FaceTime with my parents, everyone was chatting it up! There was 2 Argentinian women, my age, and an Indian woman, not so much traditional styled, but more modern. She was super curious about all of us, and definitely asked the 20 questions . It was great - Her story is as follows: she's 30 and lives at this hostel 5 days a week and takes a train back on the weekends to Manchester - she's married but doesn't mind being away. She was very social and loves meeting all the different people she meets at the hostel. In my mind, I wouldn't want to live that way, but to each their own. The two Argentinian women were so cute! They knew some English and were super shy to try to talk English with us, but I definitely encouraged them, I attempted Spanish but it didn't go as well. Lol everyone had the same idea of traveling for awhile, so in that sense we were the same but also very different - it was really cool to here everyone's story n such.

So back to where we were - I somehow managed the underground station, got to paddington and made my train ride to Reading station. Pronounced "redding" not how we would initially think of, like "to read." Aalllll by myself lol - it was fun and I managed my luggage way better this time -'Thai goodness ... So Lawrence picked me up, and it was wonderful to see him, it had been a good 4 years I believe- we then got a go phone for me, and ran a few errands and he showed me around town a bit and then the countryside on our way back to his house- which is a cottage, and which is quite wonderful. I finally met Sally and Eric, Lawrence and Emily's parents, and who are incredibly sweet. They just moved into their house and so there's all kinds of constructions and unpacking and gardening and chores to do ! And I've pitched in to help when I can. Gota say I love all this tea drinking - random - but I have 4-5 cups a day. We BBQ'd for last nights dinner and Lawrence did awesome- ink what all we had as far as meat, but it was all good ! Then Lawrence's friend and girlfriend came over and took me out to some festival music thing ? Idk but it was really neat and everyone made fun of different things I said lol- all in good fun of course- and so now I'm working on my English accent - which they are brutally honest about if I suck at it - And Eric, by the way, is amazing at accents- I thoroughly enjoy him impersonating different accents. Today was a working day- we all spent time around the house on different chores - mine was a lot of gardening- Sally has tons of herbs and flowers and plants and trees to be planted -- oh and weeding- cant forget the weeding- and so I helped with that! It was very ice, and the weather has been the best it has been in England thus far. Tonight we are bbq'ing again !

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Arrival and London

Fish and Chips y'all


This is my first blog and my interest and motivation behind this project to blog as I travel is to give my family as friends an idea of where I'm going, what I'm seeing, and how I am doing overall. I have already put pics on Facebook but they have no explanation so this will do a better of job of doing so. I'll start from my arrival in London Heathrow (London's airport) - it was an 8 and a half hour flight and I don't sleep a wink - too much excitement was running through my veins I believe - I didn't make any friends on the plane but I did as soon as I got onto the the Heathrow express which is the train that runs from the airport to Paddington Station, in central London. My first friend was Hayden, a native to Florida and studying abroad in Germany for school. We bumped into each other on the train and started chatting and decided we would explore/be lost together when we got to Paddington. Our first stop was to get some wifi- I needed to let the parents know that I had made it safe and sound - we ate a bit and btw the mustard here is unusually spicy - took me by surprise it did- we then ventured off to see what we could find - we eventually walked into Soho which I believe is in West Minster - and it's ALL shopping - literally nothing else - besides construction - there was a lot of that too- since Hayden and I were on a budget, we weren't all that interested in being in this area - we got tired and decided to find a pub and have a beer- we ended up at Carnaby alley or way or something - Haha- but it was a nice pub and made it right before rush hour lunch -we think-so it was nice - Hayden had to get back to Paddington station and so after the pub we went our separate ways - I called a taxi- who was very nice and informative - he even told me all about how he was a dancer in the opening ceremony of the most recent Olympics - it was his claim to fame- he dropped me off at my hostel and by this point I was very tired and ready to sleep and it was only noon here :/ so I bought my bed, which I share a room with 6 or 7 other ladies and we have lockers to keep out stuff in - I took a very long nap and woke up in the evening and ventured out for some food and more sight seeing - my hostel in a wonderful location and when I walk out and turn the corner I am met by St. Paul's chapel- it is absolutely amazing in it's grandeur. I bought a little sandwich and water and went on my way- one of my roommates was an elderly British woman who I can't remember her name but was very sweet - we walked together to the Thames, which she used to direct and schedule all of the old war ships on so they could pass- she was a navy girl- and we walked across one of the many bridges as she continued to give me history lessons on what she knew- it was awesome to say the least. When we got back to the hostel I then met a couple of American girls from Arizona who are on a month trip around Europe - around my age and today, Thursday, we went all over the place it seems. We started around 845 am with breakfast and then went to the tube- underground train station- and they taught me how to get a ticket and read the maps- we then went to the area where we saw the House of Parliament - and old outrageously beautiful castle - and walked around it and then had lunch in front of the national museum but we didn't go in bc the girls had already visited it and we went on to an area called Camden ? I may be wrong but it was in northern London and it was crazy cool. It was full of different stations that sold all kinds of souvenirs to jewelry to art to furniture to every nationality of food. But the main headlight of this area was a place called CyberDog - it was this totally rave crazy store - it was so awesome and I immediate wanted to shave half my head, dread the other half and buy a whole new wardobe of neon colored clothes and go to a rave - anyways it's totally worth a visit if you decide to come to London - after this we were all tired and decided to head back to the hostel - one of the girls is coming down with strep, which I have a full knowledge of bc I recently got over it myself and they went off to te doctor while I ate dinner at anyplace called Garfunckles , near my hostel, and while I'm waiting for my family to FaceTime me, I have caught up on this blogging project I am attempting to fulfill on this journey. My pops just sent a message and Saw my name on the standby list and I was number 7 ! And the lady said chances were really good but it'll be coach exciting as it gets for now ! Til next time :)
Peace and blessings y'all

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