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Oxford and Bath


Hey friends and fam :) hope everyone is well!

It's been a couple days and I've uploaded the pictures I took from Oxford and Bath:)

So Oxford was really pretty but I've got to say I think I enjoyed Bath more. It was probably due to Sally being with me and my personal tour guide but Bath also had this homier feeling. I arrived in Oxford a little before lunch and was hungry so I grabbed a bite to eat at this noodle company that was right by this huge market - it was delicious- Oxfords weather wasn't all that great ; it rained the entire day I was there:/ after lunch I went to visit the Ashmolean Museum - it's the oldest British museum - and a few years ago they put like 2 mil into renovating it and it was pretty cool - it had a few statue collections but its theme was more so cultures and how they changed over time- I spent a couple hours wandering around here and then I when I walked outside it was raining harder so I decided to go see a movie... Lol I just was tired of being cold and wet ! I watched fast n furious 6- I'm a sucker for vin diesel :) anyways after the movie I went to visit Christ Church, which is a college and it was very pretty n- I arrived past open hours so I just took a few photos- then I attempted to find Oxford Castle but thought I got lost- and come to find out, Lawrence said there wasn't even a castle, just a hill.... No wonder - so I found a pub n warmed up a bit n then headed sick to the train station.... Funny story though -- I got to my end destination n realized ( too late ) that I'm supposed to push a button to open the doors of the train to get off... They were automatic like I thought n I was the only person getting off at this particular station. And there was a kid trying to get on and I accident screwed him over bc i didn't open the doors - I panicked !! Good thing the next station was only 5 minutes away n Sally just picked me up from there.. Whewww! Oh n I had curry for the first time for dinner with sal n Eric n it was really good!

Bath was the plan or the next day- Sal had some errands to run and so we mad it a day trip. We got a late start but we both agreed we didn't know where the time went bc it flew by!! We didn't home til 10:30 - besides seeing the Roman Baths and the Abbey ( which were really cool) we shopped- dunked around going from store to store and I convinced my self of needing a couple pair of shoes.... I justified it bc It's my vacation and I can do what I want ! Lol - Sal had to go to Ikea to get some ideas- and this was also my first ikea trip ever--- the place is massive and it takes ffoooooorrrrrrevvvvveeerrrrr to get to the check out stations- definitely burned some calories walking that place - we headed home and then Lawrence his girlfriend a few of his friends were at the house waiting in me to get ready quickly n then head out for a night out on the town! Lol other words, clubbing... We all had a good time :) today has been pretty quiet - I'm focused on getting this blog done and setting up plans to head on over to Amsterdam next week !

Well I think that's enough for this time :) ill catch ya later guys !

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