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London 2.0


First thought- this might take forever - all the pics from going to London with my cousin are already uploaded think goodness- I'm going to write this blog and then write the Amsterdam blog after - so much to tell

Hi family and friends :) Hope everyone is well!

Soo for a few days after my last blog I just hung around the house And did more odd jobs - weeding, sewing some curtain ends for sal, and such ... Was kind of a bum honestly, Laz had work, Sal went to India for a work, and Eric was busy working on the house.... so I just tried to stay out of everyone's way! I did get to go out on the boat one more time with Laz and this time 4 of his friends joined in - straight goof balls and definitely boys... Lol they were all very sweet as well.

Tuesday night Lawrence and I took off to London - we did miss a train by like 30 seconds which was kinda funny bc Lawrence was a little ticked - mostly bc we had people waiting on us, but we made it just fine. The next train was only 15 minutes. Then we met up with one of Lawrence's friends and he took us to their other friends flats. Once we met up with everyone, we all went out to a curry restaurant - and it was very different but very good too - after this we kind of walked around for a bit, went to some bar but then went on home bc Laz n I were touring london all day the next day, and wanted an early start. We woke up about 7:30 and headed on out- I was so excited that I wore shorts and a long sleeve shirt.... But after walking outside I thought I was going to freeze, but it turned out to be a very nice day - I even got some sun. We rented these Barclay bikes- which you just buy a days worth of travel time and then whenever you stop, you lock up the bike on their stands and just get s new code to get another bike later.. Which was pretty cool, and very convenient bc we literally n traveled all over London- and I nearly died a couple times, which looking back on it, was fun, but not during it. At one point there were 2 lanes and Lawrence and I were in between a huge 18 wheeler and another big truck - and we just passed rough the narrow middle space- I was terrified - and made Lawrence not do that again .. He's a dare devil, that one. Our first stop Hyde Park, we didn't get pictures, mostly bc when we tried taking them, we had the phone on video and didn't realize until later... Oops. And then we rode through a lot of the main parts of London to get over to the London Eye- which was super cool- we rode it around and it was definitely worth the price - it was a clear and beautiful morning, so we could see everything from the House of Parliament to St. Paul's Cathedral ... Which are bit opposite from each other. After this we stopped to grab a bite to eat...at McDonalds.... I know I know, very American of us ... Lol but it was delicious ... And then we headed over to Buckingham Palace to see the changing of the guards- a couple of Lawrence's friends met up with us .. It's was really funny bc there were roads blocked off by police and horse carriages and people of importance coming through....and Lawrence and I thought it was a good idea to us this as a break away bc there was no traffic - lol nobody yelled at us, but I'm pretty sure we got in a ton of tourists pictures :) the whole changing of the guards was pretty neat- these men are very precise and organized and it was a good hours worth of traditional maneuvers.. The queen was also at the palace, but we didn't see her. We only knew that bc a certain flag was flying. Which I only knew that bc of the boys and their Pangbourne schooling :) after this we all grabbed a bite to eat at a grocery store and went to eat in St. James park( I think that was the name but I might be wrong - it was right by Buckingham palace.) after lunch, Lawrence and I went on to take a tour through The London Dungeon. This was basically a tour where they had different rooms with reenactments of the torture that used to happen, and Jack the Ripper , and different things that happened throughout history... It was like a pg - 13 kind of thing, and they even scared you a bit- there was a picture of Lawrence and I at the very end on a ride that gave you the feeling of your stomach dropping out ( they were trying to show us what it felt like to be hung) and the looks on our faces were hysterical- I cried I was laughing so hard. We didn't buy them though :/ so this tour took a bit longer than orig ally thought so we headed back to the flat bc we needed to shower and get ready for dinner and our show, Wicked. We did get to see some street entertainment which was really cool. Once we got back, I of course being the girl, took the longest to get ready.. And I think the boys got a bit restless with me, but oh well. We actually didn't have time for dinner so we just stopped for a snack and hung out at a pub near the theatre until show time- the show lasted about 3 hours and was amazing.... Lawrence fell asleep though .. Lol - anyways after this we headed to Lawrence's club, The East India Club, and hung out there for a little- it was really nice, but I think we got there a bit late bc there weren't many people there. We were all starving by is time bc we hadn't eaten, so we walkd through Picadilly circus to Chinatown and ate at this place that had cooked ducks hanging in the front window.. Not going to lie, I was a bit skeptical but the boys all knew what they were doing... We had a 3 course meal, that was amazing and I don't think we even left tile about one am. It was definitely worth it.. We called it a night bc we all had a 520 wake up bc it was a group effort to take me to the airport. So we all had a 4 hour cat nap. They guys were actually all in a wonderful mood in the morning so pretty funny bc everyone was a bit delirious ... Lol but it was really easy getting on the flight and I wasn't even too tired bc I think I was just too excited ...anyways thank you to everyone who's been putting up with me! Lawrence was extremely helpful in everything, and we had a great day in London.

Next stop: Amsterdam :))))))!!! (Which has been one of my favorite places, thus far)

To be continued.....


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