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Amsterdam was amazing - and not for the reasons that first come to mind ;)

So I arrived Thursday morning super early, and I just put my stuff in my room and went downstairs to plan and schedule- I feel like half the time I am scheduling my hostel and transportation plans for the next city, and then planning what going to do in the present city and how am I going to get there- it can be seriously stressful, and adding foreign languages doesn't help....

Anyways, I've already stated I loved Amsterdam, and I'll tell you why. I met an amazing group of people. Seriously, we have all xchanged Facebook, twitters, and instagram account names- which aka- best friends now ... Lol I'm kidding but really we all got along really well and were very high spirited and fun people. And besides the group, Amsterdam is a very diverse and eclectic. Everyone was so nice yet so very different. And everyone was very helpful ..... Although one night at 4 in the morning... Some guy was walking straight at me, with a smirk ...and I literally walked to the far side of the group I was walking with... And this guys starts screaming at me, "stupid-something-in-Dutch- ass-something-in-Dutch" as we walked away.. I think I made a good decision to move. So besides that episode, everyone was really nice. :)

So the first day I was sitting in the common area, enjoying the completely diverse music, which I think I loved every song they played, and was charging my phone and telling my family I was still alive, when I met Christina and Trish- they are cousins and a from the states as well, Wisconsin and ... Minnesota ? I can't remember exactly - but they were very sweet to me, and immediately took me in. They saw me pull out my eu rail info and started asking me asking questions that I didn't know the answers to either.. Haha, so we decided to head to the train station and figure it out. It wasn't too far, so we took the tram. We had to wait for awhile, so his was some bonding time- both of see girls have done a ton of world traveling, so naturally I asked them a 100 questions, and they patiently answered all of them. They were very helpful and made many recommendations as to where and what to do in different places. We finally got called, and figured out the train questions we needed answering- thank goodness they were having trouble with the train stuff, because I don't know if I would have made it without going to that information desk. Whewww. After this, we then went on the Anne Franks Museum. This was definitely worth the tour. It took a couple hours, maybe, and we all ended up tearing up at some point during it. And it was nuts, because we were actually in the hiding place Anne and her family were stuck in, for two years, and we were walking in it! Crazzyy. The tour ended late evening, and we were famished, so we found this dainty little eclectic restaurant that was delicious. By the way, everywhere in Amsterdam, and many other European places, you have to pay for using the bathroom! Ridiculous I say ! Next we headed back to the hostel. I finally met a few of my dorm mates, which were all male- and I was about out of my conforms zone, because these forms aren't roomy. A couple were Irish, and they had a soccer ball, so naturally I talked about that and invited myself to play with them.. Haha, typical.. And well they left the next day sooo that didn't go well. Lol. And I met another roommate, I can't recall where he was from, but he was in Amsterdam, looking for a flat (apartment) because he had a job opportunity. I finally got ready and headed downstairs. We finally decided we were going to go check out the red light district. Well of course getting there was interesting because of all the people, and drunk people... You could imagine I'm sure- so we finally got there, and it's rows and rows of woman in windows, with very little clothing on and tons of make up and big hair- with lots of sex shops and sex shows and bars and food lining the canals. And that was about it, we hung out one bar for a little but and then headed back to the main area where there were lots of clubs. We literally danced until 4-4:30 in the morning- and we all agreed that we had no idea where the time went. It was a great night. When we finally got back to the hostel, and went out separate ways, I realized that there were 7 guys in my 8 bedroom dorm. My bright side of looking at this, "we'll at least they won't take my clothes:)" haha. The next morning I woke up to everyone shuffling around getting their bags out n yada yada. I didn't have to suffer with 7 guys for long, a few left and were replaced by girls. The second day, Trish and Christina had to check out bc they didn't have a room for that night, but weren't leaving until late afternoon. We hung out all day; we just wandered around the city, enjoyed street entertainment and street vendor's art, and cheese. We found this cheese store that had huge blocks of round cheese in the windows, and it was samples of every cheese it sold. I was in heaven. Good thing Christina bought some cheese because I was there the samples. Lol wrong of me, but still. So we headed back to the hostel so the girls could rest a little before their bus came to pick them up. They left around 7ish and so I headed back to the lounge. I eventually met my 2 Scottish roomies, abbey and Lindsey , the three Canadian roomies, Chris, cassey, and Carolyn. Chris was a lone traveler like me. All quickly became friends. I think it started because Lindsey, Abbey, and I went downstairs in the lounge, invited Matt over, who wasn't a roomy, but was sitting there. And then Cassey and Carolyn came downstairs and sat with us, and then Chris, and then Scott, and then LIn and his friend, who I think her name was Lisa. So we all sat their playing games, and decided to make another trip to the Red Light District because a lot of them hadn't seen it yet. So we all headed out. It was about the same, except we saw more men coming in and out of those doors, nearly every time zipping up their pants. So it really is, times up, get out my door. We found a couple more bars to go into and then got food and headed back- it was another 4am night with lots of laughs and stories and new friends. Most of us didn't get up til 1 the next day bc we were exhausted. Everyone went their separate ways bc everyone had done different things already. Chris and I didn't have a big agenda. I really wanted to go to this world famous pancake restaurant, which held up to this status, and he agreed to come with me. So Chris and I had a late lunch and got to know each other. He's an engineer and has a job starting in July. One of my favorite stories he told me was about this ring he wears on his pinky. At his university, whoever graduates with an engineering degree, they get this ring. And it represents what they are striving for, in a moral way. Like if a bridge collapses, and it's an engineers fault. They are expected to do the right thing. And he used the bridge example with me, and then went on to explain how their was a bridge that collapsed, and nobody wanted to take responsibility. Every ring that is made at this university is made out of the scrap metal from that specific bridge that fell. Goosebumps? Yes, I got them. I thought it was the perfect in its simplicity, meaning, and representation. So after lunch we wandered until we got back to the park, Vandel Park, and took a nap in the sun. And people watched. It was so much fun. There was so many different people, lounging, sleeping, eating, running, biking, walking, talking, having bachelorette picnics (I'm not lying), and some girl was even in a fat suit running around. After while I headed back in while Chris hung out in the park, and takes to my dad for a bit and then another friend came up, Andrey. He knew so,e of the other people I'd been hanging out with, and so we chatted for a bit. He was from Canada but grew up in LA for a large part of his life. We all rallied together for another night, with a few missing because they went on with their adventures, and a few new faces. W all finally met our final roommate, Rodrigo, from Spain. We all weren't feeling like going out, so we hung out in the lounge. We eventually got hungry and went out for food, and then took some fun pictures in a park. All of us girls decided to be rebels and got into this fountain and take a picture on this random green circle. It was fun and the water wasn't freezing. We also took a picture of all 7-8 of us on this "iamamsterdam" sign but I didn't get one on my phone. They'll eventually surface on Facebook I assume. This was our last night together and I think it ended perfectly. It was funny because 7 out of the 8 of our group all went to the same room so it was like the party didn't end. Haha but we did all have to get up fairly early and head out on our separate paths. The next day, I headed off to Berlin, same as Abbey and Lindsey, Chris was headed home, Cassey amd Carolyn had a few days left there, and Andrey went on his way too. The really cool thing is Rodrigo showed up at my hostel a day later and we didn't even realize we had the same plans. Abbey and Lindsey are here in Berlin but at a different hostel.

So that's Amsterdam. It was an awesome city with awesome people. I've invited all of those people to come stay we my Texas, so parents be ready :) hahaha and I've now got friends in Canada and Scotland and all over now ! Ah it's wonderful ! I'm sitting in Berlin writing this, and this was my first day. Ill write about what I've seen and done in a couple days :)

Love you all, my fingers hurt, sorry for the bad writing and typos,

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